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Tokyo One Piece Tower is a theme-park located inside the Tokyo Tower. If you don’t know “ONE PIECE”, it’s not a bikini but is a VERY POPULAR MANGA created by Eiichiro Oda which then became an ANIME. It’s the most popular and number one Manga / Anime ever!

It is about a boy named Luffy, who created a pirate crew and explores the Grand Line in search of the world’s greatest treasure known as “ONE PIECE”. I started watching One Piece since 2010, and loved the story line and the characters.  I actually binged watch 300 episode for 3 weeks while having classes. It was worth-it, and now with Luffy and his crew continue getting stronger, my love for One Piece grew strong too.

That’s why in my trip to Japan, Tokyo One Piece Tower was a must see. BTW, I themed my outfit too – Red shirt, blue pants and a gold scarf. >.<

How do to go there?

Tokyo One Piece Tower is located inside the TOKYO TOWER in Roppongi. Unlike Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower has no station below or across it.

You may ride the following and walk towards the tower:

Toei Oedo Line    Akabanebashi Station (5 min walk)
Tozai Metro Hibiya Line  Kamiyacho Station (7 min)
Toei Mita Line         Onarimon Station (6 min)
Toei Asakusa Line  Daimon Station (10 min)
JR Yamanote Line   Hamamatsucho Station (15 min)

Tokyo Tower Map

How much is a Ticket?

The costs depend on what you are planning to do and when you will buy it. You can buy plainly a park pass, but also you can add JPY 1000 for a chance to see the Live Show (One Piece Characters in the stage!) or an additional fee to go see a view of Tokyo (at Tokyo Tower Main Observatory).

Price for Tokyo One Piece Tower

For advance/prepaid tickets, you may purchase at KLOOK. It is highly recommended to buy here for cheaper tickets and more convenience.

For day tickets, proceed directly to the third floor to purchase your tickets. The one inclusive of the Tokyo Tower Main Observatory is also sold in the third floor, not on the first.

The attraction opens at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday, unless there’s an announcement for the change in their official website.

What's Inside?

One the 3rd floor, you will be buying your park pass and will proceed to line at the entrance.

The first thing you will experience is a 360 Log Theater; where you will be introduced to the adventures of the crew. It’s a fun clip regardless if you don’t understand the Japanese Language proficiently. The graphics are as expected of a One Piece Movie and the audio makes it more thrilling.

After that, another door will be opened and it will bring you this:

YES! Everyone is there from Thousand Sunny to all of the crew members: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Franky, Robin and Brook! They’re having a festival and you can dine and take pictures with them!

On the other side is a small One Piece Shop – Tongari Store, don’t worry there’s a HUGE one on the first floor – the MUGIWARA Store.

One the next floor (the 4th) is 8 attractions; 7 character related games and a Cola Bar (for light snacks) and a Kid’s space.

No picture taking was allowed on the parts but you can be imaginative. Instructions on the games are obvious for some, but there are guides being asked to read – English, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese before playing the game.

Character Related Games (4th floor)

Franky’s Ball Run
JPY 500 to play a pinball machine that is like a Frank Shogun

Robin’s Ponegliff Investigation
Played with a group of friends, but incase you’re alone it’s okay
You are given a den denmushi and find hidden Ponegliffs in the all 3 floors within 30 minutes!

Nami’s Casino House
You vs Nami

Usopp’s Road to Sogeking
The most popular and fun game in the floor
You have to use a sling and hit 5 marines. After that you’ll go hit Spandam (Enies Lobby Arc) to earn the title of Sogeking

Tokyo One Piece Tower Map

Zoro’s Soul of Edge
It’s like playing Wii, where you need to swing correctly to hit the bombs and lastly the Pacifista

Brook’s Horror House
A Haunted House, which is very impressive (I won’t tell you a lot to get you excited)
You need to defeat the zombie with a salt ball

Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tours
You’ll be touring inside Thousand Sunny! First is the aquarium place, to the Kitchen, Nami and Robin’s Room + Bathroom and many more.
Plus there’s hidden things like when you peek in the bathroom, you can see a crew member >.< Who? Go and find out!

The fifth floor!

Live Theater – you can see your favorite characters on Stage and have a photo with them for an additional fee

Log Gallery – a special exhibition with original artworks (and were they JAW DROPPING)

Luffy’s Endless Adventure
A walkthrough attraction

Grand Cruise Trail Zone
A 360 degree experience with you as a crew with Play Station VR

Photo Spots – Hello Mr. Water D. Law and say hi to your new Fleet Admiral

Buy through Klook in advance to save you time in lining and JPY 200.00.
Use my promocode “E94ZL” for additional JPY 300 discount.

When you exit you’ll see the picture below and an original artwork by Oda-sensei (no picture allowed)

You can also re-enter to the Tokyo One Piece Tower using the Exit (you can do it in case you’re hungry and want to eat on the restaurants or want to stroll Tokyo Tower). A bathroom (which is OP Themed is also located on the 4th and 5th floor)

Tokyo One Piece Tower

1st Floor

One Piece Mugiwara Store

Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Buffet Lunch – JPY 2500 (13+), JPY 1,620 (7-12), JPY 1080 (4-6), Free (3 >)
3:00 pm – 10:00 pm
A la carte and course meal

Café Mugiwara
One Piece Library Café – Eat one piece inspired menus while relaxing and reading
10:00 am -10:00 pm

Tokyo One Piece Tower

Tokyo One Piece Tower Mugiwara Store

Fan, or not, you will absolutely enjoy this place. And probably (if you’re not a fan), you will be one after this and would want to get to know more about the crew and the stories of their adventure!

And for fans out there, like me, this is a MUST! You will love Tokyo One Piece Tower! You will not only experience One Piece thru reading manga or watching anime – you will do it in flesh! You will have pictures with the crew, slash (a Kuma) like a great swordsman, be the new Sogeking, find Ponegliffs, eat delicious food and buy One Piece Souvenirs (for yourself and your friends). It will be an all out / WORTH-IT experience! A dream come true! A memory you will probably replay for years and an experience you would want to try again!

Tokyo One Piece Tower

Oh and Here’s Chopper.

He was too cute and I wanted a Selfie.
Tokyo One Piece Tower Chopper
tokyo one piece tower pin

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