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    Cafe Bai: A Review

    July 13, 2018 lyzappy

    Cafe Bai - A Poem

    Cafe Bai offers various cuisines:
    From Japanese to Italian; Chinese and Mongolian.
    There’s a few dishes that are Korean;
    yep, they mostly have Asian!
    But they have barbecue and Western food;
    Try everything when you’re in the mood!
    You can make your own burger, halo-halo and salad,
    And desserts that makes your stomach sing a ballad.
    Unlimited juice, Pepsi, coffee and beer
    and more food and drinks that make you cheer.
    It’s a great place to eat with family or friends
    At the start of the day, in the middle or before it ends.
    I made a rhyming poem about a buffet
    because I’m still full and my stomach is gay!

    Bai Hotel in Cebu, Philippines opened last year and has offered not only a hotel with a convenient location and modern facilities/rooms but also a “gastronomic celebration” through various restaurants. We decided to eat at one: Cafe Bai (the newest buffet in town)! (Please note that I have originally posted this on Facebook last December 2017.

    As stated in the poem they offer various cuisines.


    The month when we ate, they offer PHP 599+ for weekdays and Php 699+ for weekends/holidays. This is exclusive of the 10% service fee, 12% vat and 1.25% Local tax… so about Php 738.27 and 861.52 per person. They also have birthday promo – the celebrant (by birth month) gets it free for 4 paying adults – 4+1. Normal rates are 899+ and 999+ so better go there this Christmas season.

    What I Think

    I pretty much love the ambiance of the restaurant; It’s not too crowded and the decoration/layout gives a out classy feeling. The staffs/chefs are friendly, they give you a slight bow, a smile or a recommendation. The food is heavenly; my favorite cuisine is the Japanese (my first plate). I also loved the salad section (my second). I wasn’t able to eat Italian because I got full already. Too bad they had no Kimchi in the Korean section but their Korean chicken stew was delicious although the spiciness shocked me (too bad I didn’t like the taste of the veggies near it). The dessert section had many options but I opt for the ice cream topped with chocolates because I wasn’t in the mood for sweets. But the cakes were very tempting because of the colors and arrangement. I also drank only water with a bit of lemon/orange but my companions enjoyed the root beer and coffee and the various juice.

    This is not an ad nor did Cafe Bai or Bai Hotel paid me or given me free food for this review. Everything is my own free will and opinion.

    Considering the Food, Ambiance, Price and Location in the eat-all-you-can here in Cebu~ so far this is my fave.

    Kaon ta Bai! Adto ta sa Cafe Bai!!!

    For reservations you can contact 032-342-888 or 032-888-2500.

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