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    TOKYO DISNEY RESORT: A Budget Travel Guide

    May 19, 2018 lyzappy

    TOKYO DISNEY RESORT: A Budget Travel Guide
    2 Days and 1 Night for Php 12K

    Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth!

    On my trip to Japan, this was a to do list – growing up with Disney Movies, I knew I this will truly be a Magical Experience, and it WAS the BEST! The crazy rides, the adorable characters, the themed comfort rooms, the jaw-dropping parades – it left me smiling so BIG, it didn’t ruin my day even though I got lost at almost midnight (but that’s another story >,<)

    Tokyo Disney Resort has 2 Attractions: Disney Land and Disney Sea. A One Day Pass is JPY 7400 but a Two Day Pass saves you JPY 1600 because it costs JPY 13200.

    To buy a ticket you can purchase via Klook, buy on the day at the park or at Disney Stores in Japan.


    Tokyo Disney Land or Tokyo Disney Sea?

    On my first draft of itinerary, this was the question I asked my Japanese teacher but I was torn and decided to go to both.

    Tokyo Disney Land – is the classic Disney. Great for Kids and people who grew up with watching Disney Movies. I actually cried when I hugged Mickey Mouse and while the show was ongoing (with all those Disney Characters and the Pretty Princesses).

    Tokyo Disney Sea – this is the most unique Disney Theme Park in the world. Good for adults or the older generation! This theme park is gorgeous and it’s so BIG. The shows on the water were one of a kind. The night show has actually been the best I have ever seen and yes more tears were flowing.

    Better to go on Disney Land on your first day and Disney Sea the next. This is because Disney Sea is so amazing it might ruin your expectations of Disney Land.

    If I were to have only one day: I will choose Disney Sea
    Because of the amazing design, more crazy rides, and great shows! Note that you can experience Disney Land in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris and USA.

    Tokyo Disney Land

    Tokyo Disney Land

    As you enter, you can ask for a guide map, they have English and also it includes a schedule of that day’s show

    There are 7 areas:
    * World Bazaar
    * Tommorowland
    * Toon Town
    * Fantasy Land
    * Critter Country
    * Western land
    * Adventureland

    There are countless of rides, shops and food stalls per area. It blends well with each section’s theme (especially the comfort room).

    My top 5 rides are
    1. Splash Mountain
    2. Space Mountain
    3. Big Thunder Mountain
    4. Monster’s Inc Ride and Go Seek
    5. Star Tours

    I wasn’t able to ride Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and It’s a small World because they were under maintenance, but Pooh’s ride is very popular.

    > Use Fast Pass and Single Rider opportunities to wait less. Some rides has a waiting time for more than an hour (I actually did this for Space Mountain) because there were many people during the time I came.

    > Before going there, you might check what rides are available and download a Tokyo Disney Waiting Time App to know the ride’s waiting time and fast pass availability.

    > There are two parades: on the afternoon and at night. They are different and if it’s your first time, you should watch this – so memorable and you’ll be so happy to see a lot of Disney characters


    Tokyo Disney Sea

    From Maihama Station, you need to walk to the Disney Resort Line and ride a monorail to go to TDS JPY 260.

    There are 7 areas:
    * Mediterranean Harbor
    * Mysterious Island
    * Mermaid Lagoon
    * Arabian Coast
    * Lost River Delta
    * Port Discovery
    * American Coast

    There are countless of rides, shops and food stalls per area. It blends well with each section’s theme (especially the comfort room).

    My top 5 rides/ activities are
    1. Haunted Mansion
    2. Nemo Sea Rider and Friends 
    3. Mermaid Lagoon Theater 
    4. Raging Spirits
    5. Journey to the Center of the Earth

    There are two kind shows: on the morning/afternoon (repeated thrice on different times) and at night (just once). They are different and if it’s your first time, you should watch this – so memorable and you’ll be so happy to see a lot of Disney characters. The show had a minimum of 20 minutes.

    > Be on front of the harbor an hour before the show, if you’re not too early, you might not have a good spot. This is worth watching and waiting especially the night show. It was THE BEST I have ever seen. Graphics, Characters dancing mixed with great Music and well timed Fireworks (My happy tears were flowing)

    > Fireworks are sometimes done after the evening show, but due to some weather conditions it might not go through. FYI: My Disney Sea experience had a cancelled firework show, the good thing the night show had fireworks too!

    How to spend about Php 12K / JPY 24K / USD 240 for 2 Days and 1 night

    P.S. I traveled solo and stayed 2 nights instead of one

    > Tickets:
    Tokyo Disney has two attractions Disney Land and Disney Sea
    One Day Pass – JPY 7400
    Two Day Pass – JPY 13200
    Three Day Magic Passport – JPY 17800
    Four Day Magic Passport – JPY 22400
    After 6pm – JPY 4200

    I suggest buying a 2 day ticket
    (Tokyo Disney Land then Tokyo Disney Sea)

    > Accommodation:
    If you want to spend less than Php 1500 / USD30, I suggest AirBnB
    (If you don’t have an account register here and get a discount on your first stay)
    I stayed at an apartment one bus ride to/from Tokyo Disney (about 20 minutes). It costed me about Php 1,153 per night and if you were a couple or group, you could save more.
    It’s better to stay near Disney because if you stay in Tokyo, time would be spent on commuting. And it’s tiring to wake up really early in the morning and go home late at night.

    > Food and Water
    Food is very expensive in Tokyo Disney, so budget it with this: (Max Amount to Save)
    JPY 500 – Breakfast (Buy in Convenience Stores)
    JPY 1500 – Lunch
    JPY 1500 – Dinner
    It’s better to eat lunch early and take-out dinner while waiting for the show.
    I bought a JPY 1090 omu rice lunch, 780 yogurt (because hey have a freebie cup) and 800 dinner on Day 1. On Day 2, I got Tacos and just ate Onigiri for a late Dinner.
    There are many water stations in Tokyo Disney, you may bring water tumbler.
    You can check the menu at Tokyo Disney Resort website.
    > From Maihama station, you can walk to Tokyo Disney Land
    But since Tokyo Disney Sea is too far, you can ride the Disney Rail for JPY 260.
    It’s a great experience too – the windows are shaped like Mickey Mouse and so are the handles

    > Bus
    I took a bus from Maihama Station to the room I rented

    > Lockers
    Since I was bringing all of my luggage before going to my rented room, I used the lockers in Disney Land – it costs JPY 700 for the Big/Medium sized ones and JPY 300 for small ones.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask me.
    I’ll be making another post about Tips and Tricks in Tokyo Disney.

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