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Forest of Owl

An Owl Cafe Experience

Japan is bustling with unique themed cafes; from maid/butler cafes, anime, character, movie and animals. When I traveled to Japan; this was a to-do in my bucket list. One evening in Akihabara, I got time to spare and decided to hit the nearest interesting café in the area. Though many pretty girls (I saw one in a maid outfit, others were dressed with short skirts or cute dresses) are campaigning on the sidewalk for people to visit their café, being female and alone would feel awkward. So I decided to visit an animal cafe – an Owl Café since it wasn’t common and it in the area. I also paid JPY 1000 for an unlimited time and a free drink.

There would be a few people who are against animal cafes especially this one since Owls are for the Wild but no Owls were harmed in my visit. And nope, I did not disturb the sleeping ones.

Owl no Muri

or Forest of Owl Is located in Akihabara. It is found at the 5th floor of a building a few minutes from Animate. 

As I entered, the room was a dimly lit. I sanitized my shoes and my hands and proceeded to pay JPY1000 to the attendant.

Then I saw the gorgeous birds perched on top of few cabinets/cages. Some were free of flying around the room. Warnings signs were placed near the owls that might bite and instructions on how to pet them were posted.


Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl
Entrance of Forest of Owl

Here are some pictures I got of the owls: (Note that I did and will never use flash on animals).

There were also other exotic animals; the piranha and a few clownfish in separate aquariums. Friendly parrots in a cage and a big rooster who was afraid of everyone except the caretaker. There were also creepy iguanas.

Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl Piranha
Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl Iguana
The Iguana who was looking at me T_T

I think some owls loved being petted and some move away if they don’t like it. There were also the big ones who were too scary to touch, so I just decided to say hi and admire their beauty. Since a few birds were flying freely, beware of poop! One owl pooped atop the aquarium and good thing no one was harmed >.<


If you want to rest a bit, you could sit down, watch a movie and enjoy your free drink. Zootopia was shown in the screen while I was relaxing.

Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl

The place was visited by mixture of people; locals and tourists, kids and adults. There were also office men who were very curious and even asked a lot of questions to the care taker. Though I really wanted to ask a few, but my Japanese was mediocre and I wanted to spend time with the birds.

Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl

Forest of the Owl is a great owl café; the ambiance and the interior design are amazing. They were also information about owls posted randomly and they all have names. Most owls were roaming freely, while some were chained up and I heard that they all have a chance to fly around. The caretaker was really respectful and you could feel her care for the birds. Plus the animals seem to really inclined to her that it makes me feel happy. I would recommend you to visit this place J

Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl
The Owls - Large and Medium Speicies
Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl
The Owls - Small Species

Here are my owl crushes:

Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl
Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl
Owl Cafe Experience - Forest of Owl

It was really a cool experience. I finally got to pet an owl and have a few selfies with them. I saw an array of small, medium and big owls with eyes of different colors. My money well spent on a truly great and memorable experience. If you’re not against this, you should come and visit!

Owl Cafe Experience Pin - Forest of Owl

Comments (6)

  • Ali Dunnell

    August 6, 2018 at 2:45 AM

    Would love to visit Japan and Tokyo, but now I know about this place I’m going to save all my money to get there – it looks amazing 🙂

  • Emma Bragginton

    August 3, 2018 at 5:17 PM

    Oh wow this sounds like an incredible experience! I have never been to an owl cafe but now I want to go!
    You wouldn’t forget that experience in a hurry!

  • Rein

    July 11, 2018 at 4:59 PM

    I love animal cafes! The first thing I always do before going to one is look up on the internet if they’re known for treating them well. It would really make me feel bad if I ever went to one, gave them money, and notice that they wouldn’t care for them 🙁

    In general they really do put the animals first in the Japanese and Korean cafes, which is partly why I ‘wasted’ a lot of my money on such cafes for the past few years, haha^^

    Were the instructions in English too? I know some Korean animal cafes didn’t, and even though the rules are similar everywhere, it’s always great to have them in English (especially for first timers) ^.^

  • Andrea Chen

    July 11, 2018 at 1:18 AM

    I’ve never heard of an owl cafe before, this was incredibly eye opening 🙂 Thank you for documenting this

  • Alison Netzer

    July 10, 2018 at 9:06 AM

    Omg I’m obsessed with owls. We have one that lives in the trees outside our house and for 4 years I only heard it but never saw it. I saw it with my daughter this past March and took a million pics. What a fun cafe.

  • AdventureAbroadAwaits

    July 10, 2018 at 8:24 AM

    I almost got to visit an owl cafe when I went to Tokyo in May – but I didn’t calculate my travel time accurately, so I just missed it. However, I have been to a few cat and dog cafes in Korea, and I always love them!
    Thanks for sharing – the pictures are adorable!

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