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How to Apply for a Japan Visa

For Philippine Passport Holders

Japan Tourist Visa

For me, the scariest challenge in my Japan Adventures was getting a visa. It was my first international travel and I was going solo, so I was scared of the possibility that it will get me denied. But as I have said in my previous post: If Japan is HARD to enter; WORK HARDER on your documents and PRAY HARDER for that approval.

This post is not only about the requirements, but includes tips that may help in getting you approved. This doesn’t guarantee your approval, though, but gives you a better chance 

No interviews are done, it is a matter of proper documents 

Japan’s tourist visa is good for 3 months; it is better to apply a month (or maybe 6 weeks) before your flight. The embassy’s lead time is 5 working days, so the travel agency would return your passport within 2 weeks after your application.

In most cases you need an ACCREDITED TRAVEL AGENCY to submit your documents for you. There are only a few accredited by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. The one I went to was Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation. They have office in Manila and Cebu (Oakridge).

So here are the requirements for the tourist visa:

Japan Tourist Visa reqiurements

   This must be signed and have at least two blank visa pages

Visa Application Form 
   Click this to download the form 
   Print in an A4 size paper
   Fill out all items correctly, if possible encode it or write it neatly
   If answers are blank put in N/A and don’t forget the date and signature 

   4.5 x 4.5 cm (2×2) colored picture with white background 
   It must be taken within 6 months 
   Write your name and birthdate on the backside of the photo 
   Paste it on the visa application form

Japan Tourist Visa application form sample

Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (if applicable) 
   This must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office / Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide)
   If it’s your second time to go to Japan, you may skip this but give a copy of your old Visa

Daily Schedule in Japan (Taziai Yoteihyo) 

   Click this to download file
   Print this in an A4 size paper
   Don’t forget to include your flight details – arrival and departure, flight number and airline (it is better if more documents are submitted than lacking) 
   Keep it neat and simple ( don’t put too much detail – 8:00 Wake up and eat Breakfast, 9:00 Go to Asakusa)
   Write / type the address you are staying and the contact number – fill this honestly ( don’t use fake numbers or addresses, Embassy may check) and make sure address is not too far from where you are going ( E.g. 2 days Sightseeing – Osaka / Address: Tokyo) 
   If you are staying with a friend or couch surfing; Embassy may need proof of relationship. It is better to book at a hotel (you can book via agoda.com – and choose the free cancellable with a pay later option)
   Though it is not required you can book ahead the plane tickets or hotel for more chance of approval (I actually did this for additional proof that I’m returning to the Philippines and that my trip is well planned)

Japan Tourist Visa daily schedule sample

Bank Certificate 
   Original is needed. Note that a Bank Certificate is different from a statement of account.
   The validity is three months from the date of issue 
   You can get this a week or two before your submission of requirements, this will take less than a hour to process 
   It is better to show your Average Daily Balance and Opening Date. Be sure that you’re ADB is normal (Ending Balance PHP 100,000 but ADB is 15,000 – this maybe suspicious and can mean you deposited on the last month or maybe borrowed money)
   It’s okay to borrow money for your bank balance, but be sure deposit it slowly (not at one time) to ensure normal activity of your account

Income Tax Return (Form 2316) 
   A photocopy of this is needed (A4 Paper) 

   If you are employed; it is better to pass also an employment certificate 
   If you are a business owner; you can provide also proof of ownership or registration – DTI Registration, SEC Certificate or Business Permit 
   If you are unemployed, for more chances of approval, get a guarantor


There were also items I have submitted that was not required but passed for more chances of approval.

 Cover letter 
   This states your purpose, why you want to go and the documents 
   If you want a copy, leave a comment (because I’m to shy to post it

Employment Certificate
   For assurance that you have a job and are not planning to look for one in Japan

Plane tickets 
   Arrival and Return (the Return ticket is important for assurance you are going back to the Philippines 

   The immigration officer and the airport staff during check-in asks for this too

Hotel Booking

   proof that you have a place to stay in Tokyo (the immigration officer also asked for this)

Note that these are not included but may be of great help in your application

❌ Disclaimer: I am giving you the requirements and tips in getting a Japan tourist visa. Though you have followed what I have said, it is not assured that you get APPROVED. But don’t get discouraged and do this diligently and don’t forget to pray . Good luck! If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Japan Tourist Visa Pin

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