Hey! I’m Lyza, twenty-something from the Philippines.

I’m a full time 8am – 5pm (M-Sat) Office Worker, part time Blogger and everyday Dream DOER. Most nights when I’m not writing, I read contemporary novels or binge watch series / anime or the latest movies. On good days, I cosplay or do photo shoots. On GREAT days (long week ends or when can use my leave credits); I travel and do things to put check marks on my bucket list.

I love organizing trips which is a great benefit of my friends. I also enjoy budgeting and money matters, since I’m an accountant by profession and I crave challenges of going to places on a budget!

I was once a passive dreamer, a person who just imagines going to places “one day”. But I stopped just dreaming and made steps to achieve it, I started to be a DREAM DOER. I made that “one day” a “Specific DAY” with faith, luck and persistence that DREAM CAME TRUE.

This blog is for DREAMERS out there;

  • The ones who have normal schedules, like me
  • The one who are on a budget
  • The ones who wants to enjoy life to the fullest
  • The ones who have the courage to take a small step or take a leap.
  • The ones who are still scared; I hope this inspires you to go for GOLD.

Most people say it’s hard to travel with my schedule. It is hard, but it doesn’t mean IMPOSSIBLE.

Some say travelling is expensive but with the boom of hostels / couch surfing, openness of locals to tourism, and the internet; It’s isn’t expensive, it’s AFFORDABLE. You just have to BUDGET and PLAN properly.

Fears are normal, Time and Money are necessary, but let’s not hinder our Passions or Dreams with those things. It’s going to be worth it! I always believe that with Faith, Luck and Persistence, we can make our dreams come true!


May our dreams come true,

Lyza P.