Discover Seoul Pass: Is it Worth it?

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My recent blog post was a South Korea Budget Travel Guide – enjoying 6 Days in South Korea for only Php 18,000.00 or about KRW 400,000. A lot of readers have asked me if using the Discover Seoul Pass is worth it. For my adventure, it was not since I didn’t want to go alone on some attraction or there were time constraints. But it doesn’t mean that it’s applicable to everyone.

This post will guide you to know if purchasing a Discover Seoul Pass is cost-saving or a waste of a few won.

Discover Seoul Pass

The Discover Seoul Pass provides free admission to 35 attractions and discounts to 29 attractions. With a variety of landmarks covered, you can select your favorite attractions and plan your unique trip. The ordinary card (not the BTS Version) can be used as a T-Money Card as well.

If it’s your first time with Klook – use “E94ZL” to have a Php 150 or KRW 3,000 discount!

                                                         Klook Price
24 hours               39,900                   35,600
48 hours               55,000                   49,700
72 hours               70,000                   70,000

Here’s the list of attractions you can enter for free:
Remember you only have a few hours to do the ones you selected.

Discover Seoul Pass 24h
Discover Seoul Pass from
Discover Seoul Pass Attractions Summary

So if you choose going to SMTown / COEX for the whole day using Klook Prices:
8,100 + 21,800 + 16, 000 = 45,900 – 35,600 (24hr via klook) = KRW 10,300 savings!
not yet considering your T-money value (KRW 4,000) and one-way AREX ticket (KRW 9,000) .
You get a total of KRW 23,300 worth of savings with Discover Seoul Pass.

But if you choose Hanboknam (8,000) to go to some Palaces then go tu Running Man (13,600), it will cost you KRW 21,600 + 13,000 (T-money + AREX) = KRW 34,600 – 35, 600 = KRW -1,000,
A loss of 1K yen will result to that.

South Korea day 4

In my South Korea Budget Travel Guide, DAY 4, I used the Seoul Tiger Bus, but since it’s a tier with my DMZ tour, I didn’t buy the Discover Seoul Pass. 

Check this out to save a lot via Discover Seoul Pass:
Seoul City Tour Bus                                  18,000
N Seoul Tower Observatory  (AM)         10,000
Namsam Tower Hanbok Experience     19,100
COEX Aquarium (12-3PM)                        28,000
63 Square  (3-6 PM)                                  13,400
Sealala (spend night)                                10,000
T-Money + AREX                                        13,000
Total                                                  KRW 111,500 
vs 24hr 39,900 pass =     KRW    71,600

So the more attractions you go to, the bigger the cost savings but don’t compromise your enjoyment.
Remember: Sometimes we tend to forget to relish the beauty of a place because we’re in a hurry to get to another one. If you don’t want to feel pressured, choose attractions you won’t regret doing!

I hope thru this post, you already know if the Discover Seoul Pass is truly worth it!

Discover Seoul Pass Pin

* This post contains affiliate links, meaning, I recommend products and services I’ve used or known well and may receive a commission if you purchase them through my website (at no additional cost to you :)).
Have a great day!

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